Kristin Epperson (friendzr4ever) wrote in insideforgood,
Kristin Epperson

Politics. Ugh.

Ya know what I am tired of? Politics. No, I'll be more specific-- politicians putting normal issues into their political schemes. The gay-rights issues, the abortions issues, all of it-- Kerry and Bush both pull it into their campaigns to gain support. And what's worse-- they have exact opposing views... which makes it hard to believe that it really IS how they feel, and not just a political stunt to get more support.

What gay people do in their homes is really none of anyone else's business... as long as they're not having sex in public, does it really matter that guys are with guys and girls are with girls?

And if a woman wants to have an abortion, it should be up to her. I mean, tehre are so many reasons to have an abortion that wouldn't make it wrong-- if a girl got raped, or accidently got pregnant and her doctor told her that she wouldn't live through the pregnancy... those are good reasons to have an abortion, but noooooo... politicians don't think of that. Yes, it's killing a human being... but there are circumstances where it is the best thing to do.

Can ya tell I don't like politicians? =)
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