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Kristin Epperson

Politics. Ugh.

Ya know what I am tired of? Politics. No, I'll be more specific-- politicians putting normal issues into their political schemes. The gay-rights issues, the abortions issues, all of it-- Kerry and Bush both pull it into their campaigns to gain support. And what's worse-- they have exact opposing views... which makes it hard to believe that it really IS how they feel, and not just a political stunt to get more support.

What gay people do in their homes is really none of anyone else's business... as long as they're not having sex in public, does it really matter that guys are with guys and girls are with girls?

And if a woman wants to have an abortion, it should be up to her. I mean, tehre are so many reasons to have an abortion that wouldn't make it wrong-- if a girl got raped, or accidently got pregnant and her doctor told her that she wouldn't live through the pregnancy... those are good reasons to have an abortion, but noooooo... politicians don't think of that. Yes, it's killing a human being... but there are circumstances where it is the best thing to do.

Can ya tell I don't like politicians? =)
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let's gather all politicians, tie them together, and start a bonfire.

then we'll begin a state of anarchy for the next twelve-and-a-half years.

but, yeah. i don't really like bush or kerry, but i figure that bush has fucked us up enough. i don't want to [if i could] vote for someone who has already made enough mistakes already.

the whole gay marriage debate is preposterous. gays pay taxes. they contribute just as much as anyone else to our society. why should they be disallowed to marry? they love each other, and they are dedicated to each other. why prevent them from filing taxes together and getting all the benefits that heterosexual couples recieve? just because it may seem immoral to some, and perhaps it is, why should that keep people from pledging their love to each other in the form of a legal and binding covenant? in a sense, that brings a facet of religion into the whole ordeal. many people see that homosexuality is an abomination, a sin.

isn't religion supposed to be separated by state?

and, besides, it's not like they're committing a crime. the government neeeds to target the wrongdoers- the corporate embezzlers, the murderers, the abusers- and stop wasting time on such an unimportant issue such as this.
i meant to say

isn't religion supposed to be separated from state?

"isn't religion supposed to be separated by state?"

haha you may have been right the first time.....
The main argument from the non-religious anti-gay crowd is that if we allow gays to marry, then the idea of child adoption will come up. There are large numbers of studies showing that children are/are not affected IN THEIR HOUSEHOLD by having two parents of the same sex. However, none of the studies take into account the possibility of outside harassment. Gay marriage should not be banned, nor should it be allowed until ALL people are willing to accept it. It may take a while, but it's the best way to go.

And marriage is not exactly a religious institution. Athiests can get married. It has and always will have religious backgrounds, but it is not a religion. Nor is being gay. Therefore, the clause of "congress shall make no law etc.etc.etc." does not truly apply. Also, separation of church and state is a BROAD interpretation.

Just because it's not important to you doesn't mean it's not important.

O btw, i got the link outta e's lj, and if you're still interested, im thinking about making a political debate community.
you like debating over various topics and issues, don't you.

[just a hunch]

i know you'll be in good company when your community opens. [perhaps i'll drop by occasionally]

have a stupendous day, hour, minute, second... whatever.
i did NOT!
hahaha JOHN Kerry, dearest...
you didn't say that though!!! darnit i'm tired of seeing my name in the paper for things i didn't do
whoa. i just got that.

[it's a slow day]
lol oh that's ok haha