Kristin Epperson (friendzr4ever) wrote in insideforgood,
Kristin Epperson

Man I am so tired of guys. Well, not all guys, but mainly Boston. Yea I know this isn't a community where we're s'posed to bitch about annoying exes, but it's what I'm feeling right now and quite a few members of this community will have something to say about this topic.

I'm sick of being the person Boston calls when he's bored, or when he's been dumped one of the thousands of times it's happened. I'm sick and tired of being the "friend on the side," and it's so pathetic how he actually keepings thinking that Tiff is interseted in him after dumping him so many times. but I don't blame her-- he's in almost all of her classes so she's screwed.

But he needs to WAKE UP. Why are guys so clueless?!?! They have absolutely no idea what is going on in the REAL world.
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