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said it's just a diabolic scheme.

[x]do you have a song stuck in your head?
[x]have you ever lost something and wished that you could find it, so you figure that it's better to do a sort of reverse psychology with it in that you act like you don't give a damn about it anymore so that you can find it?
[x]and then didn't find it?
[x]what's the longest hyphenated name [that actually belongs to someone] that you can think of?
[x]is cantaloupe good?
[x]do you think that stanley is a funny name to give to a squirming baby?
[x]have you ever eaten ketchup on chicken?
[x]do you spell it the other way?
[x]will you massacre me because i spell it with a k instead of catsup?
[x]is bruce springsteen your absolute favorite?
[x]and aren't puppies just darling?
[x]what is your favorite color?
[x]no shitting; that's my favorite, too!
[x]do you like chinese food?
[x]or mexican?
[x]if a train in walla walla, washington leaves the station at 5:39 a.m., and a train in miami, florida leaves its station at 6:o2 a.m., and they are both traveling at approximately 63 mph, how soon will they pass two shell gas stations and a wal-mart before making a left at the stop light and keeping straight, because the house is the third one on the right?
[x]yes. it's the one with the green car and the two boys playing basketball in the driveway.
[x]that'll be $9.52?
[x]i don't have any money on me.
[x]what's your lifesaver flavor of choice?
[x](36*(93-27)^2)/(-8467+16(x))^3 equals what in terms of x?
[x]you didn't think that you actually had to answer that one, did you?
[x]i just mashed in random numbers to make it look complex.
[x]so what is the hokey pokey all about?
[x]and do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

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