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this is a lesson in procrastination.

i have twelve packets of silica gel.

does anyone else have anything that is of little value and merits no mention, but you feel like mentioning it anyway?


[i must bombard you with a series of approximately 9874578597406947568476578029 questions. i would advise you to address all physical needs before beginning.]

what is your favorite movie?

but doesn't tom cruise star in that?

yes he does! you liar!

i know the last one wasn't a question.

can i get a what, what?

can't touch this!! i'll bitchslap you. [but will you anyway?]

oh no you didn't. do you know who you're messing with?

well, i'll tell you. i am the rock. do you smell what the rock [which is me] is cooking?

liver? i don't even like liver.

okay. but i've got a toughie. did oj do it?

and can you play the harmonica?

have you ever harpooned a whale?

i'm telling.
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