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11:46am 01/08/2005
  Hi, everyone, I own a tea house at Wichita Kansas, it's called Chelmsford Tea. I'm a crazy tea lover, so open the tea house is kinda like an excuse for me the collect teas. and you know what? now, I have the widest tea selection in the midwest!!! I'm really pround of myself, when I think about that. :D heehee, well, I recently opened a ebay online store, to sell teas, It's called Darlene's Tea Port, basicly, it's an online store the directly connected to my tea house, which means, any kind tea, you name it, I have it. ^_____^ The reason I open the ebay store is that many of my costumers told me that it would be very nice to be able to just get the teas you want online, and wait for it to arrive at home. XD Heehee

well, I wish you guys would go check it out, and wish you like it, if there s any question that you want to ask, or any tea that you are looking for, but i don't have it in the ebay store, or any suggestion, feel free to leave a command in this entry, and I will do my best. ^______^

sorry, if I spamed the community, i just thought that we all love tea, and you might want to know a good place to get the tea you want easily. I really don't mean to spam or anything.

Thank you for your time ^__^

the store address:

ok to save this comatose community (as Tiff put it)... 
04:30pm 19/04/2005
  There are three clubs at my school that are attempting to do a Prom Promise campaign--for those of you who don't know what it is, it's having people sign a contract saying they won't drink on prom night, or if they do, to do it safely.

I think it's a good idea... but unrealistic to expect people to keep their promises.

What do ya'll think?
04:27pm 13/12/2004

you have the green potato chip
(but i wouldn't dare to eat it)
Warning: religion & stereotype rant ahead... 
11:50am 04/12/2004
mood: annoyed
As some of you may know, I caused a little... uproar in my life by wearing a tank top to school yesterday that had a pentagram on it (star with a circle around it). Naturally, this caused my more ignorant "friends" to be all... bitchy, to say the least. It bugs me that Christianity teaches its followers that a pentagram is the symbol for Santanism.

Well here's a little lesson for those of you who don't know what it means...

Each point of the star represents one of the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, while the 5th represents Spirit. Is there anything harmful in that? Nope. AND, what most people don't realize, is that the pentagram used to be a Christian symbol, until the Catholic church turned it into something evil.

Much like the Swastika, no? It meant hope and peace before the Nazis turned it evil for Hitler's purposes.

You know, I'm in the Tolerance Coalition at my school, which basically attempts to teach (duh) Tolerance to its members through understanding. I wish that half of the people in the world would open their minds to learn something new rather than go by stereotypes.

Don't we all hate stereotypes?

I mean, they look at me, a little white girl, and are shocked when I like rock music and sports... and hate dresses. Aren't we, as girls, expected to wear dresses and worry about makeup? Stereotype #1.

tvwill, they look at you, a little black girl, and automatically assume you're just like your more... rude, and annoying counterparts, just because of your skin color. Stereotype #2.

And what about the guys who like to talk about exfoliating, shopping, and cooking? Totally against the norm... guys are expected to do sports and like beating people up. Stereotype #3.

C'mon, now, people!!! Can't we evolve just a little?!?!
this is a test...beep...beep 
11:39am 04/12/2004
just trying to see if anyone reads this anymore :P

this has been a test. beep.
05:27pm 17/10/2004
  i never post in here anymore so yeah whats up with you peoples?  
04:29pm 17/10/2004
  "The good writers touch life often. The mediocre ones run a quick hand over her. The bad ones rape her and leave her for the flies." ~Ray Bradbury Farenheit 451

Comments on this quote?
08:31pm 13/09/2004
  Man I am so tired of guys. Well, not all guys, but mainly Boston. Yea I know this isn't a community where we're s'posed to bitch about annoying exes, but it's what I'm feeling right now and quite a few members of this community will have something to say about this topic.

I'm sick of being the person Boston calls when he's bored, or when he's been dumped one of the thousands of times it's happened. I'm sick and tired of being the "friend on the side," and it's so pathetic how he actually keepings thinking that Tiff is interseted in him after dumping him so many times. but I don't blame her-- he's in almost all of her classes so she's screwed.

But he needs to WAKE UP. Why are guys so clueless?!?! They have absolutely no idea what is going on in the REAL world.
07:59pm 13/09/2004
  no dead community!!!!!

we can have a funeral for it.
hey now! 
08:22pm 11/09/2004
mood: accomplished
no one updates here anymore! we've killed the community!!! nooooooo!!! :'(

that said, I don't exactly know what to say. hee hee. er...::searches for something profound:: blame it on the Tetons. yep.

{actually that's just a song I'm listening to. whoops.}

anyone wanna rant? I invite it.
said it's just a diabolic scheme. 
10:29am 20/08/2004
mood: wired.
[x]do you have a song stuck in your head?
[x]have you ever lost something and wished that you could find it, so you figure that it's better to do a sort of reverse psychology with it in that you act like you don't give a damn about it anymore so that you can find it?
[x]and then didn't find it?
[x]what's the longest hyphenated name [that actually belongs to someone] that you can think of?
[x]is cantaloupe good?
[x]do you think that stanley is a funny name to give to a squirming baby?
[x]have you ever eaten ketchup on chicken?
[x]do you spell it the other way?
[x]will you massacre me because i spell it with a k instead of catsup?
[x]is bruce springsteen your absolute favorite?
[x]and aren't puppies just darling?
[x]what is your favorite color?
[x]no shitting; that's my favorite, too!
[x]do you like chinese food?
[x]or mexican?
[x]if a train in walla walla, washington leaves the station at 5:39 a.m., and a train in miami, florida leaves its station at 6:o2 a.m., and they are both traveling at approximately 63 mph, how soon will they pass two shell gas stations and a wal-mart before making a left at the stop light and keeping straight, because the house is the third one on the right?
[x]yes. it's the one with the green car and the two boys playing basketball in the driveway.
[x]that'll be $9.52?
[x]i don't have any money on me.
[x]what's your lifesaver flavor of choice?
[x](36*(93-27)^2)/(-8467+16(x))^3 equals what in terms of x?
[x]you didn't think that you actually had to answer that one, did you?
[x]i just mashed in random numbers to make it look complex.
[x]so what is the hokey pokey all about?
[x]and do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

08:20pm 14/08/2004
mood: crappy
I'm.... exhausted, pissed, tired, anxious, grateful... the list goes on and on. i'm grateful because i got off of work early because of tropical storm Charley. I'm pissed because it seems that my friends no longer hang out with me; they've reduced themselves to hanging out with SLUTS. i'm anxious to resume running again, and i got new shoes and a new watch and a new 1-piece bathing suit today so i'm all set to start workouts again. I'm also pissed because i have to get on an old sn in aim because when i log into my current one it shows that no one is online. whatever.
10:28pm 12/08/2004
mood: bouncy
Caroline, you know me!!!

yay first entry in this community. i'm also a member of a VCU community on LJ.

I want my summer back.... it's gone by entirely too fast and i want it back, darnit.

I like James Beebe. i haven't said that outright to anyone, although Paula and Kristin know it. it's so not fair, he's cute and nice and sweet and he and i could never go out cuz he doesn't like me.

I think Paul being here causes a lot of unnecessary drama. besides the fact that i've only gotten to see him like twice since he's been here and he's leaving in a week. whatever. he doesn't care... so i don't care. evil bitch!

guys are icky... they lie and cheat and nothing good can come of being with them.
ooh ooh first entry..and stuff! 
07:52pm 11/08/2004
mood: bouncy
so I've actually never been a part of a community before...weird, isn't it?

it's crazy.

also, I've realized that I don't know anyone else here too well...anyone else being like...Kristin and the other person I guess? xD I'm so clueless.

so I guess thaaat the point of this entry is to get to know all y'all {all two of you}. sooooo!! comment and say something cool or something not-so-cool, or anything at all!! I'm all ears. or you can post a huge life story, or some story about yourself, if you'd like. I'm excited to hear more about you guys yay :D

so....bye! haha
this is a lesson in procrastination. 
12:34pm 11/08/2004
mood: alive.
i have twelve packets of silica gel.

does anyone else have anything that is of little value and merits no mention, but you feel like mentioning it anyway?


[i must bombard you with a series of approximately 9874578597406947568476578029 questions. i would advise you to address all physical needs before beginning.]

what is your favorite movie?

but doesn't tom cruise star in that?

yes he does! you liar!

i know the last one wasn't a question.

can i get a what, what?

can't touch this!! i'll bitchslap you. [but will you anyway?]

oh no you didn't. do you know who you're messing with?

well, i'll tell you. i am the rock. do you smell what the rock [which is me] is cooking?

liver? i don't even like liver.

okay. but i've got a toughie. did oj do it?

and can you play the harmonica?

have you ever harpooned a whale?

i'm telling.
09:08pm 08/08/2004
mood: sad.
punk is dead.

punk has been dead for quite a while. on the other hand, "punk" fares quite well with teenage boys and girls who pay exorbitant prices to equip themselves with blink-182 tee pins and tee shirts. unfortunately, they do not understand the true meaning of the word. they haven't listened to the ramones or the clash. they don't know anything but the so-called anthems of their generation that express only watered down, cliched, and unoriginal sentiments of teenage angst and heartbreak.

they have a poor taste in music. that's not really music. it's not something to be proud of. it's a bunch of twenty-somethings singing songs that all sound the same with the intent of attracting an audience that will faithfully purchase every audio recording they release, regardless of whether the music is quality or not.

"punk" is a trend. it's something to parade around on a tee shirt, bracelet, or button. it's something to elevate social status. "punk" is the new pop.

true punk is just a vague memory, only tangible through audio recordings and pictures.
Politics. Ugh. 
08:57pm 08/08/2004
  Ya know what I am tired of? Politics. No, I'll be more specific-- politicians putting normal issues into their political schemes. The gay-rights issues, the abortions issues, all of it-- Kerry and Bush both pull it into their campaigns to gain support. And what's worse-- they have exact opposing views... which makes it hard to believe that it really IS how they feel, and not just a political stunt to get more support.

What gay people do in their homes is really none of anyone else's business... as long as they're not having sex in public, does it really matter that guys are with guys and girls are with girls?

And if a woman wants to have an abortion, it should be up to her. I mean, tehre are so many reasons to have an abortion that wouldn't make it wrong-- if a girl got raped, or accidently got pregnant and her doctor told her that she wouldn't live through the pregnancy... those are good reasons to have an abortion, but noooooo... politicians don't think of that. Yes, it's killing a human being... but there are circumstances where it is the best thing to do.

Can ya tell I don't like politicians? =)
i'm gonna hold your face and toast the snow that fell. 
07:55pm 04/08/2004
mood: mosquito-bitey.
so i actually got off my ass and decided it was about time for me to develop a community.

here it is!

you can talk about anything your heart desires. discuss whatever.

i don't care. just make sure you respect each others' opinions.

have fun.